Marvel 10 Year Anniversary Collection

Marvel 10 Year Anniversary Collection

Avengers: Infinity War was released with much fanfare, and was a culmination of events that had taken place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over a span of a decade. This book is a celebration of those ten years, and tells the chronological story of fifteen movies featuring superheroes such as Iron Man & Captain America and the journey each has made in the build up to the battle with super villain Thanos.

The Marvel 10 Year Anniversary Collection is the ultimate gift for any Marvel fan, who will love reading about their favorite heroes all in one place. 

This amazing book is available in two versions: Standard (8x11") or Deluxe (12x15"), and a unique Marvel keepsake gift box that is free, our gift to you.

All books are personalized with the recipient's name which is embossed on the front cover, and also appears on the opening page along with a personal message. Add this fantastic book to your library today!

11th May 2021 Personally Yours Books

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