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Personalized Books From the 70's

Personalized Books From the 70's

Posted by Personally Yours Books on 11th May 2021

I have been selling Personalized books for kids since 1999, and we get to hear all kinds of wonderful stories from our customers. I thought I'd share this one with you and am quite sure I'll share more in the future as well.

My customer Christine was raving about her personalized book that she received when she was young. She received it in 1974! She is currently in her late 40's.

Christine decided to bring her book over so that I could have a look, boy am I glad she did! I found it fascinating. In 1974 personalized books where being typed one page at time and sewn together by hand!

What a testament to the power of personalized books and the impact they have on young child. They truly are keepsake gift that last a lifetime.