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Personalized Children's Books

Personalized Children's Books

Posted by Victoria Gonzalez on 11th May 2021

Personalized Books for Kids | Children’s Gifts

Personalized books for kids are keepsake gifts which are custom made for each individual child, by incorporate the child’s specific information: name, age, hometown and even friends or relatives names into the story.

All of our personalized kids gifts include your child’s name. Children love to see their name in print!

Seeing your child's excitement when they realize their name is in the book is an experience like no other.

Not only are you promoting literacy when you have us make your child the star of the story, but you are giving them a gift they will cherish for a lifetime.

A unique feature of giving a personalized children’s book as a gift, is the ability to add a special message from you.

Children's personalized books become a child's favorite gift. Give a new born baby the gift of a personalized baby book. Give a preschooler, early reader or toddler a personalized book as a birthday gift. Teaching them alphabet and/or numbers through personalization. Learning has never been more fun.

Many of our books will help to build your older child’s imagination through classic fairy tales or maybe a superhero adventure!

We offer personalized kids videos and personalized kids music too. We invite you to browse our large selection of personalized gifts for kids.

Kids and moms can’t help but smile when they hear their name being sung and spoken by their favorite characters. Characters featured in our personalized children’s music CDs are: Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Elmo and Veggie Tales.

You and your kids may get a kick out of a personalized video. Your child will star in their very own photo personalized DVD adventure. Your child will be amazed when they see themselves on TV along with their favorite characters! Our personalized DVDs aren’t just for kids.