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Personalized Tiny Tatty Teddy I Love You Mommy Book

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Personalized Tiny Tatty Teddy I Love You Mommy Book

Why is Mommy so great? Allow your child along with the help of Tiny Tatty Teddy to explain, in this adorable heartfelt book! Your child’s name appears throughout, including within the text and illustrations as they tell Mommy why they love her. The iconic Tiny Tatty Teddy is also on hand to add to the cute factor, making this a special gift for Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, or any other occasion. The book is personalized with the child’s name on the front cover as well as on a special dedication page next to a personalized message. You can also add your childs photo to the back page of the book, at no additional charge, to add that extra touch of sweetness. Available in hard or softcover with the option to include a gift box for $5.