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Personalized Veggie Tales Silly Songs DVD

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 Personalized Veggie Tales Silly Songs DVD for Kids

From the produce aisle, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber deliver a smorgasbord of silly songs and performances personalized with your child´s name 24 times. The vegetables prepare helpings of silliness on the yellow and red tiles of a kitchen counter top. Sample the fun served in The Song of the Cebu, Dance of the Cucumber, Cheeseburger Song, and other items on the menu. The memorable songs, playful scenes and comical characters will have your child laughing out loud with its imagination and savory fun. Note: Name must be on name list to order.

Can't find the name? If you can't find the name you want, you may want to use the full or formal name, ie. Benjamin not Benji. You can also try typing in the more common spellings of the name, ie. Veronica not Veronika. Not finding the Correct Spelling? No problem! We can spell the child's name any way you'd like, just as long as the pronunciation in available. - ie. Jaime, Jaimy, Jayme, Jaymie all sound the same when spoken. *If you are still unable to find the name you are looking for, have no fear! You can select the non-personalized version which does not contain the name. The Photo will still appear and the cover and DVD will also have the Childs photo on them. Due to the personalized nature of this gift, all sales are final. We will accept returns or refunds in the case of manufacturing defect only. The star's photo will appear in the product exactly as it appears when you submit it. We do not enhance or edit photos.